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Paid social media advertising

Generate More Leads with Paid Social Media Advertising. Paid Social Media Advertising, is the most time-effective option for driving instant traffic to an online storefront. Paid Media comes in many forms, yet the basic principle remains the same: bid against other advertisers to gain the best possible ad placement through various market targeting criteria, attract a click, then convert visitors once on-site.
Pay-Per-Click Management Pay-per-click (PPC) pay-for-inclusion marketing helps ensure that your website is quickly and appropriately listed in search engines' sponsored sections. Custom Fit Online's keyword bid management services help your pay-per-click advertising stay in the position that you want, at a price that offers the best return-on-investment. With our ROI tracking you'll won't be spending any more on paid marketing that you should.
KEYWORD SELECTION for your comapin. The appropriate keyword / key phrase selection is critical to paid marketing success. With your input, we'll utilize proven keyword strategies and research to make sure you get the biggest buck for your marketing dollar. Keyword Selection: Select the right keywords using tools such as Key Word Discovery, Word Tracker, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Search Marketing keyword selection tools. Write Your Ads Carefully: Copywriting for PPC ads is critical. They must be compelling and address the keywords. Build Compelling Landing Pages: The page that website visitors click to via a PPC campaign is critically important. It must be relevant to the keywords you select and show a clear call to action. Bid & Monitor Keywords: You win in PPC management by paying what you need in order to get and no more. In order to determine if your campaign is a success monitor what you are paying, your success and tweak ads and landing pages to optimize success!
ROI CALCULATION Paid marketing initiatives require accounting. Are your click-throughs making or losing money? Our keyword selection tools include WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, SEMrush, Google & Yahoo Search Marketing keyword tools, and data mining analysis. Our ROI calculations and tracking tools and reports will keep you in the know. We use Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or KissMetrics to track traffic back to your website. These web analytics are made available to you online so that you can see the results for yourself.

Can you afford not to be present in social networks?

85% of your customers are looking for your service online. Who will they find first? You or your competitors? Our strategies for paid advertising on social networks such as Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter (for Bing and Yahoo), Facebook, and LinkedIn will push you in the first row directly to your cusomers. Such compain will be perfect complement your website's search engine or "organic" marketing.

  paid social media advertising service  

  • Paid social media advertising

  • Google, Bing + Yahoo Advertising

  • 1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads This is important because it makes you easier and more accessible for new customers.
  • Cost per 1000 Impressions Convert. (CPM or CPI) search ads.
  • Display ads.
  • Remarketing / retargeting ads.
  • Video & YouTube ad.
  • Mobile ads.
  • Social Media Advertising.

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook ads.
  • YouTube ads.
  • Twitter ads
  • Instagram ads (ie., sponsored photos and videos)
  • Pinterest ads (promoted pins)

Have you heard that Google is dying?

A striking post by Dan Graziano reveals that a Google search may display only 13% organic results; "the rest is ads and junk". A better model for today's businesses is to consider what it means to be social-media optimised, with a focus on customer-centric interaction rather than merely setting up a web property in the hope that Google will deliver hits. Recommendations from friends count for more than a search engine algorithm will ever achieve. What then is social media optimisation? It is about inviting people into conversation rather than merely broadcasting a message. It is about listening to social media chatter and acting on the results. It is a hashtag or twitter handle on every ad, and a responsive team behind that social media presence for those who respond. It is integrating multiple touch points on multiple channels so that customers get a consistent experience across all of them. These things are not trivial to implement, though the technology to do so now exists, and they have the potential not only to drive sales but also to transform customer experience.

  paid social media advertising service  

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